PIRASTRO Chorda Viola string Set medium

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  • Chorda A- and D-strings are plain gut strings, G- and C-strings are wound.
  • authentic strings for baroque instruments
  • typical sound for baroque instruments
  • very low string tension, comfortable left hand feeling
  • designed for 440 Hz tuning
  • For 415 Hz tuning, please use "strong" gauge.
  • Altering the gauge by 1/4 PM changes the tension by 3%.


  • The medium set contains the following strings:
    A plain 14 1/2,
    D plain 19 1/2,
    G silver-plated copper wire 16 1/2,
    C silver-plated copper wire 22 1/2

Tailpiece Options

  • Chorda A- and D-strings come without knot.


  • Chorda strings are manufactured in three gauges in steps of 1/4 PM.
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